• Tactical Mindset

    The foundation of transforming your business with the Tactical Sales Accelerator starts with how you think about, feel about and approach your business.


    We will start by laying the groundwork with a powerful mindset before taking any steps forward in designing your business.


  • Tactical Business Development

    Generating new business is key, that's obvious. Too many sales entrepreneurs like yourself don't have a tactical way of generating new business.


    In this program, you will design exactly that. There will be no more guess work in your business. You will start to attract new business rather than chasing it.

  • Tactical Planning

    While you may have developed a business plan in the past, I promise you it was not as tactical as it should be. We will break down all of the components necessary for developing a plan for your business that serves you at the highest level.


    This plan you create can be used anywhere between a single day to a full year and beyond. 

  • Tactical Storytelling

    What if you found out that how you were presenting your business all along was wrong? Would you be surprised or would you agree? 


    The art of storytelling is a massive asset for you in your business. Once you master it, you will never have to prepare a boring presentation again. You will stop talking at people and start talking to people in the manner in which they care about.

Tactical Sales Accelerator

Your Bonuses

  • Private Facebook Community

  • 20 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call

    Let's discuss the current state of your business and where you would like to go. We will identify areas of growth, shift behaviors and start designing your business from a tactical approach.

    Here is What Our Clients Say...

    Andy Kowalsky

    Janet & Melody Smith

    "I feel like I now have the edge over my colleagues and competitors by implementing the elements of the Tactical Sales Accelerator in my business. Total game changer for me.

    Andy Pente

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